Is A Constitutional Convention a Good Idea?

   As I understand it,  last year Michigan (1) voted to convene a meeting of the States (Constitutional Convention). I was once opposed to this, however I am now beginning to think, depending upon the issues brought to the table, that it may not be such a bad idea.

A Woman’s Perrogative: Constitutional Convention Topics

   A few things I would like to see addressed by a Constitutional Convention  would be a precise definition of ‘Treason’ and acts of treason, high crimes and misdemeanors, along with true penalties for acts of treason made by any official who takes the ‘oath‘ to defend and uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Be they board of education, registrar of voters, legislator, judge or the President of the USA if any person who takes an oath to uphold the United States Constitution violates that oath they should face a severe penalty.

   Isn’t it interesting that during the 2012 presidential election year, the Democrat convention even considered removing the word God from their party’s platform? Where they sending a message? Do they believe in God? Or do they have an agenda; a loophole to justify any violations of an oath with impunity? Maybe they don’t answer to any higher power and perhaps they live by the rule that o
   Further, I would like to re-examine limiting the amount of taxes CITIZENS pay. The founding fathers had stated in the Federalist papers that 10% would be a terrible thing to put in our Constitution because a “treasonous government” might actually tax the citizens 10%. We are so far beyond 10% most people don’t realize how much they pay in taxes between the state, sales, property, purchasing a car, buying gas, and then on top of that income tax…  The amount this government takes in is vulgar. 

   Let me give you a real good example of taxation gone awry.  Having just returned to California from a visit to Alabama I can speak to gas tax abuse by state legislators who are far more concerned with oil companies than they are with their citizens . In Alabama the price of gasoline was about $2.31 per gallon however, in California  gas is about $4.75 per gallon.  Why? Because the citizen voters in California allowed the legislator to tax and spend with impunity, furthermore we subsidize gas companies when they have fires or other cost of doing business issues. I got to tell you I’m a little pissed. Who am I angry with? The citizens! Those who let these darn bad laws pass without a peep and those who allow terrible representatives stay in office, seemingly FOREVER.

On Elections, Politicians Shouldn’t be Brainless Puppets

   I am highly suspicious of the election process in America. No I’m not talking about chads in Florida, I’m talking about criminal activity at the counting process. I don’t trust it, so I’d like to see a private company at the exit of every polling place and have them record the citizens vote once again anonymously so that we can compare those figures, I bet you anything they’re askew.
     Also let’s talk about campaign money. Why in the heck do senators and congressmen and even the president need to continue fundraising when they’re going to retire? Don’t current election laws prevent them from keeping the money raised for their campaign?  To solve the problem of outwardly buying politicians, I propose that every candidate gets equal time on the television and print and they cannot spend anymore money on getting elected than what their office pays annually,  and no government official, including the president, should make more than $200,000 a year, and that is being generous.
      I would like to see any person filing to be included on any ballot tested on their knowledge of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights when their elected office includes a sworn oath to uphold that great document. All candidates, including incumbents, must pass at an 80% or better grade before their name goes on any Ballot, or they are given Creedence as a candidate; after all how can you defend or protect the Constitution if you know nothing about it?
    I understand testing voters for their reading skills is considered a violation of civil rights, but I’m not talking about a citizen who is trying to vote: I’m talking about someone taking an oath to uphold and defend a document that we fought 8 bloody years for!  The Revolutionary war which succeeded in eliminating things like taxation without representation, restrictions on the free practice of religion, freedom of speech, and the right to carry a firearm (and to use weapons specifically in the case of an unjust or treasonous  government, in order that a citizens group could remove a bad government, that’s exactly why the Second Amendment is there!) and giving citizens freedoms they fought long and hard for. So I say if they don’t know what that document states or means they are incapable of taking that oath, if they can’t take that oath there’s no reason for them to run. Let’s test them all!

    Another suggested requirement for holding office within the United States government is the ability to speak English extremely fluently.  The ‘Little Brown Book’,(3) that we all used in college or maybe even high school has really specific rules when it comes to the English language. These rules dictate the meaning of certain punctuation that a punctuation I’m referring to is a of course the comma in the Second Amendment. Those Who would like to take your guns away from you would have you failing English 101. Clearly they know nothing about the comma.

I’m not voting for Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife”

     Hillary Clinton should face a three year prison term for violating a very clear law regarding email. Is it an act of treason for our President Barack Hussein Obama to withhold specific emails sent between the Secretary of States office and the office of the President around the time of the Benghazi incident?  Depending upon what’s in those emails it very well might be.  
Yet historically no president has ever been punished harshly for violating their oath of office.  In fact in my mind the worst any President from the past has faced is impeachment. In the case of Bill Clinton, a modern time President,  impeachment did not force him out of office. Despite being found guilty of lying to our Congress (2)  he remained in the office of the President.  Without getting into the Monica Lewinsky thing, because it’s really not that important to this argument, when anyone is to testify before Congress they swear an oath to tell the truth, if that person cannot honor an oath to tell the truth how could that same person be counted on to honor their oath to uphold the Constitution?

      Don’t you think that ‘We the People‘ are to blame for the government we have? Aren’t we just too busy with Bruce Jenner’s boobs and the Kardashian’s and everything Hollywood throws our way?  We have become complacent, we’re no longer good citizens of America.  We let the reputation of a great nation become so tarnished worldwide that people regularly desecrate our flag, even on our own land. 

    In my 50 years I have never seen this country more divided than it is today. We are splintering into 1000 different pieces and we’re forgetting the main thing and that is …

                                We are Americans.  

Even during the free love and pro/anti-Vietnam era there was never this much anger between groups or intolerance of other people’s point of view. I firmly believe that our President, Barack Hussain Obama, is the main reason our country stands divided. He has damaged relationships between people of different skin color, different religions, different sexes,  different jobs, different socioeconomic levels, different preferences, different political views,  and different countries and caused us to worry about our neighbors who are people we should strive to love. We don’t always agree with everybody, disagreement is completely normal; hating somebody because they disagree or are different is not normal.

The way I try to live my life is by what I believe to be the most important lesson in the Christian Bible, but you don’t have to be Christian to follow this simple rule.

Jesus said in the sermon on the mound,  ‘This is my new commandment.  Love thy God above all others, and love thy neighbor as you love thyself’. (paraphrased) You do not have to be Christian to love your neighbor. You can worship any God you want because you live in America. You can even choose no belief in God, however I believe the fervor with which atheists go about removing God reference is a type of religion too.

  We have to get the USA back on track, it is every citizens responsibility to understand our government. It is the citizens responsibility to make politicians act within the law.

I’m going to ask you a favor now, copy and paste the name of your congressman/woman along with their contact data in the comment area below and share this post if you like it.  To find your congressperson see footnotes.(4)

That’s it for today.


the conspiracy nut.

(1) Did Michigan just trigger ‘constitutional convention’? Bid gains steam |
(2) that’s we the people! We elect congressman to represent the needs and requests, and mandates of people from parts of each state, called Congressional Districts,  because they are supposed to act in the best interest of the people in their district, with in the confines of the constitutionally defined process)  country and their district. 

(3) little brown book


Secret Societies What a LOAD of Crap

Secret Societies aren’t.

There isn’t a damn thing secret about them.

Not even the ones at Yale; you can walk right into the Yale Library and read all about them, how secret is that?

The problem with these stupid organizations is what Dr. Scott Peck termed “Group Evil“.  It is like what is happening in Baltimore RIGHT NOW.  The people tearing up the place where they live are people who would probably, more than likely, NEVER cause mayhem and destruction if they were out alone. However, they are empowered by the group mentality (which frankly has the IQ of about 60)… Absolutely ZERO common sense, no goals, no way of reasoning with this group now that it is alive and slithering openly, evilly upon the streets of Baltimore, Maryland.

So guess what?  They have to call in the national guard.  These people don’t want to harm Americans… They’d rather be at home watching “Dancing with the Stars” or some large lipped and huge hipped Kardashian person.  However because your fellow Baltimorians got together in a group well they are now ruled by this evil thing which groups bring out in a person.

The conspiracy is… They (the bad guys) planned this and they (the bad guys) tricked you into this frenzy because they (the bad guys) want martial law so that they can do their evils in a bit more PRIVACY.

They dont have to worry about being recorded by 50 iPhones if everyone has to stay inside…

They don’t have to worry who will see them as they eliminate ALL the Constitutional Rights and do things like go door to door and search for guns, without warrants, with no due process because you Sheep have been tricked into this riotous misbehavior.

Your genetic information is for sale

23andMe selling DNA for profit

23andMe selling DNA for profit


23andMe genetic eavesdropping AT THE CONSUMERS REQUEST

by: Leah Talley

23 and me is the genetic research arm of When they first began offering genetic testing for $99 I was pretty skeptical that they would simply evaluate your data and return it back to you, keeping your personal data and privacy strictly anonymous.
Several of my friends paid the $99 and got back a fairly detailed report. In fact with the leaps and bounds genetic testing has undergone since the first discovery of DNA these samples could reveal your life story, future outcomes, along with details of your family.

I believed then that the information people provided to 23andme via could easily fall into nefarious arms. Further, I believed the data has the potential to later include these SHEEPLE on the shortlist for eugenics, or undesirable trait culling, especially with Obamacare in full swing.

Saying “I told you so”gives me no great pleasure. However I just discovered that all the data they collected is now for sale, yes for sale.

Now if you are one of those people who paid $99 and spit on that little stick and you find yourself saying, “but they promised I would be anonymous!” Well did you read the fine print? Did you read the privacy statement? Do you ever read the privacy statements?!

We will not use your sensitive information without your consent unless: (i) the information has been anonymized or aggregated so that you cannot reasonably be identified as an individual; or (ii) a legal obligation requires us to use it in some way e.g. a court order requires us to disclose the information.

NOTE: Our service providers act on 23andMe’s behalf. While we implement procedures and contractual terms to protect the confidentiality and security of your information, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality and security of your information due to the inherent risks associated with storing and transmitting data electronically.
For example, to learn more about our third-party laboratories, click here.

I really didn’t have to read the entire privacy policy to determine for myself that there is no privacy here.

Sharing your genetic information in this day and age is very dangerous. It’s my recommendation that you write to 23andme revoking any permission you may have arbitrarily or accidentally given them to share and sell your genetic data.

Simply opt out

Here’s how:

Withdrawing your Consent. You may withdraw your consent to participate in 23andMe Research at any time by changing your consent status on your 23andMe Account Settings page, or by sending a request to the Human Protections Administrator at 23andMe will not include your Genetic Information, Self-Reported Information or Web Behavior Information in new 23andMe Research occurring after 30 days from the receipt of your request. Any research involving your data that has already been performed or published prior to our receipt of your request will not be reversed, undone, or withdrawn. You may also discontinue your participation in 23andMe Research by closing your Personal Genome Service account. If you withdraw your consent for 23andMe Research your Genetic Information and Self-Reported Information may still be used by us and shared with our third-party service providers to provide and improve our Services (as described in Sections 2.a and 2.b, above), and shared as Aggregate Information that does not identify you as an individual (as described above in Section 2.c).
What happens if you do NOT consent to 23andMe Research? If you do not complete a Consent Document or any additional consent agreement with 23andMe, your information will not be shared or used for 23andMe Research. However, your Genetic Information and Self-Reported Information may still be used by us and shared with our third-party service providers to provide and improve our Services (as described in Section 2.a and 2.b, above), and shared as Aggregate Information that does not identify you as an individual (as described in Section 2.c, above).


  Your Family DNA Could Be Used Against You by the Law

         **UPDATE ** UPDATE ** UPDATE **


Five years after privacy advocates warned about the potential risks to privacy posed by massive genetics databases, they are, indeed, causing problems. Two popular geneology websites, and 23andMe, both maintain such databases on behalf of private citizens. Now there’s at least one case on record of Ancestry’s data being used in a murder case, and 23andMe has seen a few requests too.



Jfk I wasn’t born when Kennedy was around, yet I feel his death was the beginning of the death of freedom in America.

To me it doesn’t matter who killed him, to me what matters is people acted in harmony to ensure that an elected official, in fact the president of the United States of America, was killed. Nobody bothered to use the constitutionally outlined methods for removing a president and nobody even charged him with anything! It is just like what’s going on now.  We all know our president is acting without constitutionally guided actions, we know that he has his hands in many pots that make us all afraid maybe were afraid to speak out maybe were afraid for our future, our children’s future but we’ve got to stop being a bunch of chickens and start being American Eagles,  proud and brave.

I believe that “We the people” forgot the constitution, don’t understand the constitution, haven’t been taught the constitution, and allow various government entities, elected officials, the judiciary and even our school system to trample it, mis-quote it, subvert it and even down right forget about it. 

How many of you know that the separation of church and state is not anywhere in the United States Constitution or Bill of Rights?

How many of you know that in past times a person found guilty of treason, which is defined in the Constitution, would be hanged on the White House lawn?

When I think of it, The Constitution & Bill of Rights, why it exists, who created it, and how many people died to create a “Land of the Free” I am awestruck! But I am very angry that are citizens have not demanded a strict adherence to this beautiful document!

So how is it that 240 years later nobody even knows what the document says? Well I think the problem starts at school with a book that is mandatory for all children in  civics class, they must read a book that has 75 pages dedicated to the First Amendment and one paragraph on the Second Amendment which is completely erroneous an false! 

That Kennedy died under the watch of so many official government local, state and federal agencies gives me grave concern for our country’s future; that these hands actually covered up much of the evidence and successfully blamed an idiot for accomplishing the task scares me even more.