Jfk I wasn’t born when Kennedy was around, yet I feel his death was the beginning of the death of freedom in America.

To me it doesn’t matter who killed him, to me what matters is people acted in harmony to ensure that an elected official, in fact the president of the United States of America, was killed. Nobody bothered to use the constitutionally outlined methods for removing a president and nobody even charged him with anything! It is just like what’s going on now.  We all know our president is acting without constitutionally guided actions, we know that he has his hands in many pots that make us all afraid maybe were afraid to speak out maybe were afraid for our future, our children’s future but we’ve got to stop being a bunch of chickens and start being American Eagles,  proud and brave.

I believe that “We the people” forgot the constitution, don’t understand the constitution, haven’t been taught the constitution, and allow various government entities, elected officials, the judiciary and even our school system to trample it, mis-quote it, subvert it and even down right forget about it. 

How many of you know that the separation of church and state is not anywhere in the United States Constitution or Bill of Rights?

How many of you know that in past times a person found guilty of treason, which is defined in the Constitution, would be hanged on the White House lawn?

When I think of it, The Constitution & Bill of Rights, why it exists, who created it, and how many people died to create a “Land of the Free” I am awestruck! But I am very angry that are citizens have not demanded a strict adherence to this beautiful document!

So how is it that 240 years later nobody even knows what the document says? Well I think the problem starts at school with a book that is mandatory for all children in  civics class, they must read a book that has 75 pages dedicated to the First Amendment and one paragraph on the Second Amendment which is completely erroneous an false! 

That Kennedy died under the watch of so many official government local, state and federal agencies gives me grave concern for our country’s future; that these hands actually covered up much of the evidence and successfully blamed an idiot for accomplishing the task scares me even more.

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