Secret Societies What a LOAD of Crap

Secret Societies aren’t.

There isn’t a damn thing secret about them.

Not even the ones at Yale; you can walk right into the Yale Library and read all about them, how secret is that?

The problem with these stupid organizations is what Dr. Scott Peck termed “Group Evil“.  It is like what is happening in Baltimore RIGHT NOW.  The people tearing up the place where they live are people who would probably, more than likely, NEVER cause mayhem and destruction if they were out alone. However, they are empowered by the group mentality (which frankly has the IQ of about 60)… Absolutely ZERO common sense, no goals, no way of reasoning with this group now that it is alive and slithering openly, evilly upon the streets of Baltimore, Maryland.

So guess what?  They have to call in the national guard.  These people don’t want to harm Americans… They’d rather be at home watching “Dancing with the Stars” or some large lipped and huge hipped Kardashian person.  However because your fellow Baltimorians got together in a group well they are now ruled by this evil thing which groups bring out in a person.

The conspiracy is… They (the bad guys) planned this and they (the bad guys) tricked you into this frenzy because they (the bad guys) want martial law so that they can do their evils in a bit more PRIVACY.

They dont have to worry about being recorded by 50 iPhones if everyone has to stay inside…

They don’t have to worry who will see them as they eliminate ALL the Constitutional Rights and do things like go door to door and search for guns, without warrants, with no due process because you Sheep have been tricked into this riotous misbehavior.

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