Clinton Crap

Not too many of us speak of the war in Bosnia under Bill’s regime, but how many of you know that x prez clinton has been holding up a trial because he doesn’t want to answer hard queries regarding the USA’s involvement..

Here is an excerpt from a trial going on over 6 years now…

Yesterday’s edition of the Washington Times includes David Keene’s

25 quotation, President of the Association of American Conservatives, who

Page 387

1 claims that Clinton was involved in the storm operation when the Serbs

2 were expulsed from Croatia and that this was done by the administration.

3 The observer has written about that. And there is much more proof about

4 that. And even Holbrooke was not careful enough and wrote about it in his

5 book.

6 And that’s what happened with the KLA, too, with support from Iran

7 and Germany. In the summer it took control over a third of Kosovo, and

8 the Americans threw in their own terrorists. In this series of bloody

9 events, amongst the Albanian terrorists, the USA, between 1998 to 1999,

10 steered the influence — steered influential people in the KLA.” to read more head here:

CLINTON ADMIN Kills many court hearing alleges   

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