Now Who’s in Charge Here?

This was sent as a reply to Rep. Henry, after we talked on the phone today, on a radio talk show; I didn’t get to finish what I was saying about Jeff Sessions; there are a few things that are extremely important. You express great confidence and Jeff Sessions, but if you look at what’s happening I think your confidence is misplaced.
Here is why, Rosenstein justified under penalty of perjury before Congress that the dossier was the source and basis, it is a portrait of perjury, yet when he testified he did not know that the disclosure of his intricate involvement in issuing the FISA warrant that was based on perjury would be made public or even available to Donald Trump; and that too is accurate, true?
However, he was not just involved in its original issuance, but he was also involved in a subsequently continued authorization. This is not your normal title III eavesdropping warrant, I would assume you agree with that? What that means is that to continue a FISA warrant to have to be a series of events occur; first, you have to certify that an American citizen is, in fact, an agent of the foreign government, secondly to continue the FISA warrant you have to show significant progress for its continuation or lie about it.
If not they would have to go to a regular federal district court, which would have been discovered, under 18 U.S. Code § 2518 – Procedure for interception of wire, oral, or electronic communications, in this case, Ron Rosenstein signed off on the 3 additional extensions of that perjured warrant. So would you agree?
So let’s look at the deep state. You have James Comey, that covered for Hillary, then put in for a job FBI director, for Donald Trump. Unbeknownst to even many Democrats; Comey as Peter, Lisa Page, McCabe, Rosenstein, and yes Mueller they are devout Deep State allies of Hillary Clinton and their cause which is why he ‘reopened’ the ‘investigation’ involving Huma to kill it, just before the election.
FYI, Anthony Weiner’s for his communications usually used Facebook messenger not regular emails on his computer. It is important to understand that Huma was an unregistered agent for the reigning government and the Saudis, their connection/ or cohesion was with the Muslim Brotherhood, and those stored emails were to be used for blackmail on Hillary Clinton when she became ‘president’
Remember, James Comey had already exonerated Hillary once but was forced and had to, pretend to reopen Hillary’s investigation, the people/ FBI special agents that went into Anthony Weiner’s computer, discovered 625,000 emails most of them generated by Clinton operatives many from the State Department and the Clinton of all foundation/information, generated by Huma and Hillary, and among those were the allegedly destroyed 33,000 missing emails, those included passwords and identity of assets in the Middle East for the CIA, some were caught and killed because they been compromised by that breach of 18 USC 793, an act they tried to blame Edward Snowden for, his was the vault 7 intel the CIA leaked to Julian Assange, involving domestic spying on US citizens. Snowden did not have access that information, but they attempted to blame him as a cover for Hillary Clinton’s growing list of illegal acts {now spanning over four decades}.
Consequently, if a damage assessment was done, both Huma and Hillary would be looking at life imprisonment at a minimum!
Even Democrats, are suspicious of the all too often “song sung” by the deep state” from IRS to Hillary, “THE EMAILS had been “destroyed” “gone missing”, just like judicial watches request for meeting between Bill Clinton and then attorney general Loretta Lynch meeting on the tarmac BS spin talking points. Many want answers as to how two agentsPeter Strzok and Lisa Page went missing, and why the custodian of those records was arrested for obstruction of justice? for the attempt to destroy them.
The pushback within the agency became so great that James Comey had to reopen to use it as a cover to stop a full-blown whistleblowing rebellion within the FBI. Now remember Donald Trump did not know all of these operative facts, and that is the reason that Rosenstein recommended firing of James Comey, was to hide the deep state operation of the “secret society”of which Andy McCabe was basically the CEO and Rosenstein was protecting the operations agenda, when he told Jeff Sessions, ‘he should recuse himself from everything Russian’ which is why Rosenstein appointed deep state operative, long time friend of Jaomes Comey, Robert Mueller, and why James Comey demanded a special prosecutor which Rosenstein was the one who appointed Robert Mueller, remember Mueller is an alleged Republican of course so his deep state operative John McCain. Comey seeks a job which should’ve been Jeff Sessions to do. Rosenstein and FBI director Ray never expected the information in the memo, proved Rosenstein’s heavy involvement with attacking and the coup d’état against, Donald Trump both before and after the election. Now here’s the important question; Rosenstein is at the center of this conspiracy he is running the Department of Justice or as I call them that Department of “just us”, is a conspirator against president Donald Trump. Now would you allow someone to work for you that at actually documented they use perjury and plotted against you illegally?
Rosenstein is running the Justice Department, how effective with a conspirator running your DOJ do you seriously think Jeff Sessions is going to be unless he fires Rosenstein and if he doesn’t work you think you have over Jeff Sessions to gain his cooperation in acquiescence to the deep state plodding along? there’s a lot more to this but that’s sufficient for now.
Then consider the fact that James Comey is actually on the Board of Directors of the Bank of London; Robert Mueller and James Comey were involved in Waco too for Janet Reno. then factor in the fact that the fake perjured dossier against Donald Trump, was also supplied by John McCain with Lindsey Graham’s blessing. Allow me to pose another question? How did John McCain get his hands on the dossier, if not from James Comey, Andrew aka Andy McCabe or Rosenstein? John McCain is a deeply operative and part of that secret societies and McCain is the insurance agent for the conspiratorial insurance program! John McCain passes dossier alleging secret Trump-Russia contacts to FBI | US news | The Guardian

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Is A Constitutional Convention a Good Idea?

   As I understand it,  last year Michigan (1) voted to convene a meeting of the States (Constitutional Convention). I was once opposed to this, however I am now beginning to think, depending upon the issues brought to the table, that it may not be such a bad idea.

A Woman’s Perrogative: Constitutional Convention Topics

   A few things I would like to see addressed by a Constitutional Convention  would be a precise definition of ‘Treason’ and acts of treason, high crimes and misdemeanors, along with true penalties for acts of treason made by any official who takes the ‘oath‘ to defend and uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Be they board of education, registrar of voters, legislator, judge or the President of the USA if any person who takes an oath to uphold the United States Constitution violates that oath they should face a severe penalty.

   Isn’t it interesting that during the 2012 presidential election year, the Democrat convention even considered removing the word God from their party’s platform? Where they sending a message? Do they believe in God? Or do they have an agenda; a loophole to justify any violations of an oath with impunity? Maybe they don’t answer to any higher power and perhaps they live by the rule that o
   Further, I would like to re-examine limiting the amount of taxes CITIZENS pay. The founding fathers had stated in the Federalist papers that 10% would be a terrible thing to put in our Constitution because a “treasonous government” might actually tax the citizens 10%. We are so far beyond 10% most people don’t realize how much they pay in taxes between the state, sales, property, purchasing a car, buying gas, and then on top of that income tax…  The amount this government takes in is vulgar. 

   Let me give you a real good example of taxation gone awry.  Having just returned to California from a visit to Alabama I can speak to gas tax abuse by state legislators who are far more concerned with oil companies than they are with their citizens . In Alabama the price of gasoline was about $2.31 per gallon however, in California  gas is about $4.75 per gallon.  Why? Because the citizen voters in California allowed the legislator to tax and spend with impunity, furthermore we subsidize gas companies when they have fires or other cost of doing business issues. I got to tell you I’m a little pissed. Who am I angry with? The citizens! Those who let these darn bad laws pass without a peep and those who allow terrible representatives stay in office, seemingly FOREVER.

On Elections, Politicians Shouldn’t be Brainless Puppets

   I am highly suspicious of the election process in America. No I’m not talking about chads in Florida, I’m talking about criminal activity at the counting process. I don’t trust it, so I’d like to see a private company at the exit of every polling place and have them record the citizens vote once again anonymously so that we can compare those figures, I bet you anything they’re askew.
     Also let’s talk about campaign money. Why in the heck do senators and congressmen and even the president need to continue fundraising when they’re going to retire? Don’t current election laws prevent them from keeping the money raised for their campaign?  To solve the problem of outwardly buying politicians, I propose that every candidate gets equal time on the television and print and they cannot spend anymore money on getting elected than what their office pays annually,  and no government official, including the president, should make more than $200,000 a year, and that is being generous.
      I would like to see any person filing to be included on any ballot tested on their knowledge of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights when their elected office includes a sworn oath to uphold that great document. All candidates, including incumbents, must pass at an 80% or better grade before their name goes on any Ballot, or they are given Creedence as a candidate; after all how can you defend or protect the Constitution if you know nothing about it?
    I understand testing voters for their reading skills is considered a violation of civil rights, but I’m not talking about a citizen who is trying to vote: I’m talking about someone taking an oath to uphold and defend a document that we fought 8 bloody years for!  The Revolutionary war which succeeded in eliminating things like taxation without representation, restrictions on the free practice of religion, freedom of speech, and the right to carry a firearm (and to use weapons specifically in the case of an unjust or treasonous  government, in order that a citizens group could remove a bad government, that’s exactly why the Second Amendment is there!) and giving citizens freedoms they fought long and hard for. So I say if they don’t know what that document states or means they are incapable of taking that oath, if they can’t take that oath there’s no reason for them to run. Let’s test them all!

    Another suggested requirement for holding office within the United States government is the ability to speak English extremely fluently.  The ‘Little Brown Book’,(3) that we all used in college or maybe even high school has really specific rules when it comes to the English language. These rules dictate the meaning of certain punctuation that a punctuation I’m referring to is a of course the comma in the Second Amendment. Those Who would like to take your guns away from you would have you failing English 101. Clearly they know nothing about the comma.

I’m not voting for Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife”

     Hillary Clinton should face a three year prison term for violating a very clear law regarding email. Is it an act of treason for our President Barack Hussein Obama to withhold specific emails sent between the Secretary of States office and the office of the President around the time of the Benghazi incident?  Depending upon what’s in those emails it very well might be.  
Yet historically no president has ever been punished harshly for violating their oath of office.  In fact in my mind the worst any President from the past has faced is impeachment. In the case of Bill Clinton, a modern time President,  impeachment did not force him out of office. Despite being found guilty of lying to our Congress (2)  he remained in the office of the President.  Without getting into the Monica Lewinsky thing, because it’s really not that important to this argument, when anyone is to testify before Congress they swear an oath to tell the truth, if that person cannot honor an oath to tell the truth how could that same person be counted on to honor their oath to uphold the Constitution?

      Don’t you think that ‘We the People‘ are to blame for the government we have? Aren’t we just too busy with Bruce Jenner’s boobs and the Kardashian’s and everything Hollywood throws our way?  We have become complacent, we’re no longer good citizens of America.  We let the reputation of a great nation become so tarnished worldwide that people regularly desecrate our flag, even on our own land. 

    In my 50 years I have never seen this country more divided than it is today. We are splintering into 1000 different pieces and we’re forgetting the main thing and that is …

                                We are Americans.  

Even during the free love and pro/anti-Vietnam era there was never this much anger between groups or intolerance of other people’s point of view. I firmly believe that our President, Barack Hussain Obama, is the main reason our country stands divided. He has damaged relationships between people of different skin color, different religions, different sexes,  different jobs, different socioeconomic levels, different preferences, different political views,  and different countries and caused us to worry about our neighbors who are people we should strive to love. We don’t always agree with everybody, disagreement is completely normal; hating somebody because they disagree or are different is not normal.

The way I try to live my life is by what I believe to be the most important lesson in the Christian Bible, but you don’t have to be Christian to follow this simple rule.

Jesus said in the sermon on the mound,  ‘This is my new commandment.  Love thy God above all others, and love thy neighbor as you love thyself’. (paraphrased) You do not have to be Christian to love your neighbor. You can worship any God you want because you live in America. You can even choose no belief in God, however I believe the fervor with which atheists go about removing God reference is a type of religion too.

  We have to get the USA back on track, it is every citizens responsibility to understand our government. It is the citizens responsibility to make politicians act within the law.

I’m going to ask you a favor now, copy and paste the name of your congressman/woman along with their contact data in the comment area below and share this post if you like it.  To find your congressperson see footnotes.(4)

That’s it for today.


the conspiracy nut.

(1) Did Michigan just trigger ‘constitutional convention’? Bid gains steam |
(2) that’s we the people! We elect congressman to represent the needs and requests, and mandates of people from parts of each state, called Congressional Districts,  because they are supposed to act in the best interest of the people in their district, with in the confines of the constitutionally defined process)  country and their district. 

(3) little brown book